About Us

JobsCrush is an awesome product for finding jobs
and amazing talent

The JobsCrush Team

We all share a passion for creating amazing products. This passion has resulted in a team of people who love solving problems, naturally think outside the box, and live for adventure.

The JC team work from multiple locations (travel is a team passion), whether it's a cozy coffee shop in Oslo, a buzzing workspace in NYC, or our Dublin HQ.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to developing an amazing culture of support, happiness, and quality in everything that we do.

What does JobCrush Do?

Every day JobCrush gathers 1,000's of jobs from social and professional
networks. We then organize and categorize these jobs. Finally, we use our
advanced algorithms to rapidly and accurately match jobseekers to jobs,
and employers to jobseekers. Jobseekers: Tell us your job preferences and
we will present you with jobs. Employers: Using our talent pool we will suggest
jobseekers best suited to your vacancies.

Employer FAQs

Jobseeker FAQs